Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Goodbye 2016!" Day #15

"Goodbye 2016!"

Blogging My Life

       It's already been more than a month since I last posted.  I've been so busy with school I haven't had a chance to stop and look at all that I had accomplished in the year 2016!

Picture of the Day
I thought it was suiting for the New Year

       What a year... full of good (and what most people will say) bad.
BUT,  I shall state all (or a lot) of what I have accomplished in 2016.  Here we go....

-The 2nd week of January 2k16 I started talking film/acting classes at a studio.
-I learned to LOVE reading & had more adventures and heartbreak than I can count due to this.
-I can now write a killer research paper/literary analysis (amazing I know..)
-I learned a lil' bit of piano
-I met family members I never knew I had
-I started at a new school (as a freshman) which is academically focused and maintained straight A's
-I've made amazing friends
-I watched a lil' performance at a local college called "Almost Maine" and my life was changed...
-I learned to be SO much more confident (still a LONG way to go)
-I have Latin as my foreign language......... #yep
-I have become known as the "actor" at my school, and am often called.... "theatrical" (which is a compliment in my book)
-I was in a show at a local college (the one I mentioned before) and was an actual character, not ensemble! lol
-I have kept myself from falling down the "highschool hole" of snooty gals and guys. (I have no interest in distracting myself from my goals and I intend to be a nerd for my entire high school career, thank you very much).

I still don't know what or where God wants to lead me, but wherever it is, I know it's going to be something challenging, but great.  Bring it on 2017!

AND with all that, I'm sure I skipped so much!
Goodbye 2k16 HELLOOOOO 2017

(Even though it's  February 2nd....)

Love ya'll Forever and Always