Monday, May 2, 2016

"I Want to be Better" Day #7

"I Want to Be Better"

Blogging My Life

               I want to be a person that inspires others to do great things. 
I want to be a best friend.
I want to be confident and brave.
 I want to be beautiful on the inside yet grounded in who I am.
 I want to be kind and understanding. 
 I want to be wise and humble.
I want to share the love of God with everyone I meet. 
I want to be many things that I am not

Picture of the Day
       I have many goals that I want to accomplish.  I have many embarrassing moments that I look back on and make myself more insecure.  I want to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT!  Just get off your butt and start doing something. Yet when I finally do it......  If I didn't do good then all things start to snowball.....  I question why I thought I could do it in the first place and claim I'll never do it again.  And here I am stuck in the same mindset, REFUSING to do something because I'm scared I'll continue to make a fool of myself.  Not only that, I will have everyone I look up to think I'm untalented and stupid.  

It's the worst feeling having someone you look up to lose faith in you.  And it's even worse when you've convinced yourself that you have no talent and are worth nothing.