Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"I know I should be doing Something" Day #6

"I Know I Should Be Doing Something"

Blogging My Life

           List of things I had to accomplish today:
           -  Wake up at 8 o'cock
           -  DO LOADS of school work (I MEAN LOADS)
           -  Pick out an outfit for a event tomorrow 
           -  Go to math class and be a normal person
           -  Go on a mile run
           -   Bake cookies for an event tomorrow 

          List of things I did accomplish:
           -  Woke up at 10 o'clock   
           -  Spent 2 hours binge watching YouTube when I had LOADS of work to do
           -  Spent a hour and a half getting ready for math class
           -   Sat in a classroom pretending to understand math....... 
Picture of the Day
           -    Didn't go on a mile run and took 2 hours making cookies for an event tomorrow 
           -    Took shower
           -    Ranted on blogger


Love you all, forever and always <3


Saturday, April 2, 2016

"What is this feeling?" Day #5

"What is this Feeling?"

Blogging My Life

 I miss the carefree joy I once felt.  The joy and happiness that filled my lungs with a sweet taste, the taste of peace and comfort.  When my biggest fear in life was the monster under my bed or the nightmares that would disappear with one comforting kiss on my cheek.

I never really realized I was lonely until I was alone so I've been spending extra time in my thoughts just so I can escape life.  Which I don't think is helping. My thoughts aren't really a good escape because my embarrassing moments and fears follow me there.

Love ya'll, Forever and always