Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Attached" Day #8


Blogging My Life

We as humans get attached to things. We become possessive, whether it be over inanimate objects or even over people.  We as humans like familiarity.
Picture of the Day
I see myself getting attached and know that eventually this person/thing will be stripped away from me yet I can't help but hold on tighter.  People will walk in and out of your life and you will have to be able to let go.

I have trusted and relied upon so many people with my secrets and shared my most inner struggles.  I
trick myself into thinking I have finally found a person to rely upon. Yet, time, and time again they turn on me leaving me hurt and confused.  I now finally find what I have been searching for.  It heals my insecurities, and washes away the self-doubt and now it wishes to be free.....  I'm scared to let it go.  To lose the one thing that gave me peace and comfort when I believed it not possible.


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