Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"I know I should be doing Something" Day #6

"I Know I Should Be Doing Something"

Blogging My Life

           List of things I had to accomplish today:
           -  Wake up at 8 o'cock
           -  DO LOADS of school work (I MEAN LOADS)
           -  Pick out an outfit for a event tomorrow 
           -  Go to math class and be a normal person
           -  Go on a mile run
           -   Bake cookies for an event tomorrow 

          List of things I did accomplish:
           -  Woke up at 10 o'clock   
           -  Spent 2 hours binge watching YouTube when I had LOADS of work to do
           -  Spent a hour and a half getting ready for math class
           -   Sat in a classroom pretending to understand math....... 
Picture of the Day
           -    Didn't go on a mile run and took 2 hours making cookies for an event tomorrow 
           -    Took shower
           -    Ranted on blogger


Love you all, forever and always <3


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