Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Peace in the Storm" Day #1

"Peace in the Storm"

         Blogging My Life      

Hey all, it's Day 1 of me "Blogging My Life".  Hope ya'll are having a lovely day and if not be sure to do something that makes you happy.  (Treat yourself to some chocolate I MEAN, C'MON you deserve it!)

How to be Soothed on a AWFUL day:

 I listen to soothing music, shut my door, and go on Pinterest...... VIOLA you are now soothed! (MIND BLOWN)  But on a serious note: Stay positive.  If you are ever doubting yourself or your confidence was knocked down GET BACK UP and show people how strong you really are!  But still take the time for peace it's just as important to survival as eating and breathing. 

I have some soothing music below! (You're Welcome ahead of time)  

Quote of the Day:

 "You are enough, you are SO enough, it's unbelievable enough you truly are!" 
-Sierra Boggess 

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